Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Nahja Mora - The Trees See More (2017)

Harsh, cerebral US electro-industrial. From my hometown of Baltimore, no less. Taps into the same vein of damaged, dense, sample-heavy, horror-fueled aural death that fueled prime-era Skinny Puppy. Free/name your price via bandcamp. Get it!

Track listing:
1. -
2. Removal
3. Healing
4. Inside Out
5. God
6. Daybreak
7. Destructor
8. The Very Last of Summer
9. Dream Dead
10. Tomorrow
11. Losing Teeth (Bedtime Remix by I, Parasite)
12. God (Devil's Bible Remix by Precision Field)
13. Bee Venom (Fear We Are Remix by Fun Never Starts)
14. if they do not lie they cannot live (Battery Remix by Shawn Brice feat. Maria Azevedo)

You have to make horrible compromises because the system is broken.

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  1. Wow, this is great stuff! I agree, it totally has a Skinny Puppy feeling, with a bit of the underlying noisy chaos of early Numb. Thanks for the heads up.