Monday, April 23, 2018

Arto Lindsay & Ambitious Lovers - Envy (1984)

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Arto Lindsay - Noon Chill (1998)

Weird, angular art pop fronted by the great Arto Lindsay. Some buoyant Latin percussion here and there, as well as a snapshot or two of the laid-back tropicália that would come to define Lindsay's solo work.

Track listing:
1. Cross Your Legs
2. Trouble Maker
3. Pagode Americano
4. Nothings Monstered
5. Crowning Roar
6. Too Many Mansion
7. Let's Be Adult
8. Venus Lost Her Skirt
9. My Competition
10. Badu
11. Dora
12. Beberibe
13. Locus Coruleus

Your generosity is too close to cruelty

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  1. "The great Arto Lindsay" Enough said, thanks!

  2. Your blog blows man.....I discovered it by chance and visit it daily/weekly. You cover so many genre's some that I keep well away from as I really value my ears but others that are a bit milder. Arto Lindsay - totally new to me but something I enjoyed. Keep on doing whatcha doing and sharing some definitely startling music. Peace