Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Kraan - Wintrup (1973)

German krautrock/jazz-rock. Jerky rhythms with their own sense of off-kilter groove, and some gleefully bizarre, almost Mike Patton-esque vocals.

Track listing:
1. Silver Wings
2. Mind Quake
3. Backs
4. Gut und Richtig
5. Wintrup
6. Jack Steam

Son of the sun

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  1. A very long time ago there was a local radio station in Newcastle-upon-Tyne that had a dj whose name I can't remember who was MAD about Kraan and would play their stuff as often as he could. I'm now 40-odd years older and am grateful for this opportunity to listen to them again... Thanks!

  2. Amazing disk. Please post more by them!

    Thx - you are on a roll recently!!