Saturday, April 28, 2018

Conway - G.O.A.T. (2017)

One of my favorite rappers in recent memory. Conway is from Buffalo, NY, and his sound is an update of the eerie nihilism and horror-soundtrack-worthy beats of 90s NYC gangsta rap, a style that I've always been a sucker for. That album cover kinda had me expecting some fashionably lo-fi, Death Grips-worshipping internet-core, but it's nothing like that at all. Free download via Datpiff.

Track listing:
1. G.O.A.T.
2. Trump
3. Th3rd (feat. Raekwon)
4. Die on Xmas (feat. Benny)
5. Rodney Little (feat. Prodigy)
6. XXXtras
7. Bishop Shot Steel
8. Mandatory (feat. Royce 5'9)
9. Arabian Sam's (feat. Styles P)
10. Bullet Klub (feat. Lloyd Banks & Benny)

I sent the goons out lookin' for you

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  1. Serves to remind of my never-diminishing gratitude for your posting of the link to the mid-90s Memphis underground stuff you posted way back when. Thanks for this one too.

    1. Definitely one of the greatest blogs in existence

    2. Also I'm pretty sure that the dude who ran it is a friend of a friend but I always felt weird about asking

  2. After you put me on about Viper and so many other things I will follow you til the end. Post my beattape

    1. I will if I like it, where's it at??

  3. Dam this is one of the best rap jointz I've heard in some time....takes me back to that ole early 90s Detroit acid-rap, when Esham, Natas & Dice were fucking kingz - Reel Life!!! Don't get no better (I still got most of that shit on the original Reel Life releases too!! I can rip anything you don't have/can't find...)
    and laced with some early Spice 1 ultra-violence ala 'Amerikkka's Nightmare'
    'I sent the goons out lookin for you' - possibly one of the best chorus lines ever
    Thx immensely for this bro!
    hey looks like I missed the link to a late 90s Memphis underground blog?!
    Dam if it still exists I would love to check it out...Prophet Posse!


    2. And I would appreciated anything that you're willing to rip, how bout a couple of your personal favorites??

  4. hey thx 4 that memphis link, too bad that Lord Infamous solo tape & all the 3-6 shit is down, woulda like to sample that...oh well
    But on that Reel Life acid-rap, I will for sure rip a couple of the best of Esham, Natas & Dice for your enjoyment...won't be until next week tho ;)
    yes if you've never heard Esham's 1993 magnum opus 'Kkkill The Fetus' or
    Dice's 1995 dark masterpiece 'Thaneighborhoodshittalka' you are in for a treat!