Thursday, March 8, 2018

Supreme Cuts & Haleek Maul - Chrome Lips (2012)

NYC rapper Haleek Maul sifts through drug abuse, paranoia, and demons -- both inner and literal -- over sinister, atmospheric yet claustrophobic beats. Putting this on is a great way to make your high turn on you.

Track listing:
1. Ulrik
2. The Dummy (feat. Deniro Farrar)
3. Chrome Lips
4. Guilty
5. Roll w/Me (feat. Tree & Wiseblood)
6. Come with Me (feat. Jimmy 91sex)
7. M00N
8. Simon Sayz (feat. Showyousuck)
9. Exe (Skit)
10. Testify (feat. Kool AD & Shady Blaze)
11. Smoke Tires (The Burnout) (feat. Issue)
12. Nitemare Kush (feat. MondreM.A.N. & Yen Tech)
13. Yurple Von Sherm (feat. Diamond Antoinette)
14. Ball (feat. Tree)
15. Hoverboard (feat. Squadda B)
16. Jupiter
17. N.G.E.

My dad used to shoot dope
Higher learning

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  1. yikes, that album cover is nightmarish

  2. This isn't the complete version. King Crimson made us remove M00N from the final download a couple weeks after release.

    1. Oh shit, thanks for letting me know! Just found the original, will post shortly

  3. Hearty thanks for the post. Reminds me I cannot thank you enough for posting the link to the blog that hosted all the mid-90s Memphis underground rap you upped a hundred years ago.