Monday, March 19, 2018

Help Xathagorra Mlandroth (of Catacombs) get out of illness-related debt!

About two years ago, I posted In the Depths of R'lyeh by Catacombs, an album that I'd submit as one of the all-time great doom records. In my post, I kinda flippantly complained about how he'd never released a follow-up album, going so far as to (jokingly) ask how he can sleep at night. Ha. Ha. Ha.

Well, fuck me, it turns out that he has been suffering through a long, heartbreaking series of health issues -- including Lyme disease, work-related poisoning, and more -- that have prevented him from making music, working, or doing much of anything, from what is sounds like. And because America forces its most incapacitated, vulnerable citizens to fend for themselves, he's accrued a massive amount of debt. AND he just lost his disability. Fucking Christ.

So, I know I don't generally do stuff like this, but shit, I've been giving his album away, I should probably try to tell help him a little bit, right? I know that some of you have asked about ways that you could possibly repay me for my efforts -- some of you have even offered to donate money to me -- so please, anyone who's reading this: PLEASE consider heading over to his GoFundMe and donating whatever you can. A buck. Five bucks.

You can read more on his GoFundME page, or on this Facebook post. Let's help to make life a little less shitty for one the artists that we love.


  1. I stopped by to tell you that your blog rules, possibly the best one that is still around. Really reminds me of the cosmic hearse, which disappeared with no explanation. And man, this is a sad post. I have owned this album for years and love it. Will be throwing this guy a few bucks because the world would be a better place if we gave more of a shit about eachother. Really cool of you for helping him.

    1. Thank you so much for donating! Something about his story just hit me really hard, and I figured I could try putting this little platform to actual good use. Also, I pretty much modeled this blog after Cosmic Hearse, so your comparison makes me happy. Cheers!

    2. I was super bummed when people stopped this kind of blogging around 2012. I would love to see a resurgence. I used to contribute to a few but nowadays I have been doing the youtube thing, which is kinda cool in a different way I suppose.

  2. Very sad. Thanks for letting us know as I love his creations.
    Will try to help ASAP too, maybe it will take longer or fuck knows because I'm from Eastern Europe and our bureaucracy making things even more complicated. Fucking cunts...
    I'm following this blog for about 2-3 months, found tons of quality and absolutely forgotten stuff in here. Great job.
    P.S. Cosmic Hearse was amazing I agree with you guys

  3. Done. Best of luck to this guy. Thanks for spreading the word.