Saturday, March 10, 2018

Mystic Forest - Welcome Back in the Forest (2002)

Beautiful, longing French black metal. Phenomenal melodic guitar work balanced out by distorted howls, frantic tempos, and blown-out production. Sadly, the mastermind of this project committed suicide in 2015.

Track listing:
1. Welcome Back in the Forest
2. Ô Belle Maudite
3. Sous la Majesté Céleste
4. La Dame Verte
5. Requiem on Waltz
6. Une Valse avec la Mort
7. Genèse de Glace
8. La Tristesse d'une Pluie d'Automne
9. Mes Songes Décimés
10. Braver les Ombres
11. Le Sourire de la Nymphe
12. Pour Enfin Libérer Ma Vie
13. Requiem Lunaire

I'm walking on my grave
The flowers are so pretty in the wind

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  1. Reminds a bit as if Cacophony-era Rudimentary Peni played black metal..