Friday, March 16, 2018

Onirik - Casket Dream Veneration (2015)

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The latest LP from one of Portugal's best. Casket Dream Veneration finds Onirik fleshing out their sound while honing in on some of their most compelling qualities, crafting a sequence of midtempo aural rituals marked by sickening, dissonant melodies, haunting clean vocals, and hypnotic compositional consistency.

Track listing:
1. Requiem for a Profane Liberation
2. Invocation & Defiance
3. Reverent to the Flames
4. Casket Dream Veneration
5. Ascension & Descent
6. I Am Him But He Is Not Me
7. Disputant by Enlightenment
8. Versos De Um Ritual

Illusions that melt within the clouds

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