Thursday, March 22, 2018

Asunder / Like Flies on Flesh - Asunder / Like Flies on Flesh [Split] (2000)

A killer split LP featuring the first recorded output from the mighty Asunder, as well as the only recorded material by Like Flies on Flesh. Though they'd go on to create some of the most majestic funeral doom in existence -- seriously, if you haven't heard A Clarion Call, get on it -- the songs on this split are pure, crusty death/doom of the highest order. The Like Flies on Flesh songs are a malleable kind of epic crust-metal, touching on black, death, doom, thrash, and more. Generally I don't like to declare 'winners' or 'losers' of splits, because it's not a goddamn contest, but... if it were a contest, Asunder would be the clear winner.

Track listing:
1. Asunder - The Fall of Elders
2. Asunder - Tides of Ruin
3. Asunder - (Outro) Eulogy Part One
4. Like Flies on Flesh - Prelude to a Storm
5. Like Flies on Flesh - In Spite of You All
6. Like Flies on Flesh - Punishment
7. Like Flies on Flesh - A Pain That Lingers

As they reach with outstretched hands
Seeking a spirit to fill their shell
Souls hide deep in the shadows
Fleeing from that mortal hell
Watch them die
As they march towards the other side
Bound to the hollow promise
Of a heaven sent to this forgotten realm Where only pain remains

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  1. wowow thank you SO MUCH for this. I love the shit out of Asunder but have never been able to find this material despite combing practically blogspot on the net. Excited to hear it for the first time!