Monday, August 8, 2016

Counterblast - Balance of Pain (1996)

Heavy, inventive, doom-infused Swedish crust with a thick, industrial atmosphere. One of the few records from my crust days that I might actually like more now than I did in high school. And I absolutely love Counterblast for referencing Black Adder ("In League with Baldrick".)

Track listing:
1. Prelude Pain
2. Independence
3. Disembodiment
4. Balance of Pain
5. Depression
6. In League with Baldrick
7. The European Empire of Capitalism
8. Beneath the Surface

He's been drinking his for weeks. He says he likes it.

You should definitely also listen to:
Ambush -
Lach! (1994)
Damad -
Burning Cold (2000)


  1. Great record. You dont by chance have "impassivity" do you? Never been able to track that one down

    1. I certainly do. Had thought about posting that instead as I know it's harder to find, but since Counterblast isn't THAT well known outside the punk world, figured it made more sense to go with the classic. Anyway here's a link:

  2. two counterblast records for the price of one!

  3. You rule man. Ive had balance of pain and nothingness for several years but always come up empty on impassivity. Thanks once again for continuing to be my favorite blog

  4. Great record. I haven't listened to this in years. Would you happen to have any State of the Union? I haven't been able to find my copy of the discography. :( Thanks!

  5. How in the hell did I miss this band all these years? Thanks! Raddest blog.

  6. I just ordered that state of the union. If no one else has it i can put a link up here when it shows up

  7. Everyone into Counterblast should check out the mighty G-ANX (had some of the same members):

    Incredible HC/Crust/Pre-Grindcore.