Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Sasha Matson - Steel Chords, I-5 (1993)

Two gorgeous pieces by American composer Sasha Matson, the first of which transports the shimmering, etherial sounds of pedal steel guitar to a sharp, high-minded classical setting. This combination is completely new to me, I absolutely love it, and I have a customer who sold a large pile of classical and jazz CDs to my store to thank for inadvertently introducing me to it. Readers who miss my ECM posts would do well to check this out.

Track listing:
1. Steel Chords (Triple Concerto for Pedal Steel Guitar, Violins and Strings): I. Steel Chords
2. Steel Chords: II. Steel Songs
3. Steel Chords: III. Steel Dances
4. I-5 (String Quintet and Harp): I. Windmills
5. I-5: II. Slaughterhouse
6. I-5: III. Lost Near Bakersfield
7. I-5: IV. Grapevine
8. I-5: V: City Limits

Ithaca is gorges

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  1. gorgeous, unique sound - great find!

  2. Thank you, this is lovely! Steve Reich needs to invest in a pedal steel...