Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Winter - Into Darkness (1990)

God-tier, crust-encased NYC death/doom. Sounds like Obituary covering Amebix. Great music for those days when your country turns its back on the outside world, works to erode the rights of its own citizens, and plows ahead towards the destruction of the very land on which it rests.

Track listing:
1. Oppression Freedom / Oppression (Reprise)
2. Servants of the Warsmen
3. Goden
4. Power and Might
5. Destiny
6. Eternal Frost
7. Into Darkness

Rising conqueror

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  1. Thanks! Bigly proud of myself that I can somehow manage to navigate a Czech file host. Tremendous.

    1. The internet is supposed to be a special place. Sad! Comcast should apologize! Glad you were able to figure it out, Winter is a great band, that much I can tell you.

  2. Was fortunate enough to catch one of their reunion shows down here in Tejas and it was crushing!!!