Sunday, January 15, 2017

Sorcier des Glaces - Snowland (1998)

Frostbitten Canadian black metal. My entire city is coated in a thick sheet of ice that's topped with a sheen of packed down snow, and I just got stuck out in it for a disconcerting hour, so what better time for Snowland, right? Right.

Track listing:
1. L'Enchantment des Glaces
2. The Winter Nightsky
3. Pure Northern Landscape Desolation
4. Onward into the Crystal Snows
5. My Journey into the Black Forest
6. Darkness Covers the Snowland
7. L'Èternelle Majesté des Montagnes
8. Night Throne

Behold the halls of ice

More icy black winter frost:
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  1. General comment: great blog, great reviews. Keep it up. mate.

  2. Agreed, this weather sucks. Thanks as always for the tunes to match the feels!