Sunday, January 15, 2017

Spectrum - Soul Kiss (Glide Divine) (1992)

Experimental Audio Research - Mesmerised (1994)

Pete Kember's first post-Spacemen 3 album, Soul Kiss (Glide Divine) carries on that band's deconstructive musical legacy of droning, textural guitars and drug-addled love songs. Easily on par with Spiritualized records from the same era.

Track listing:
1. How You Satisfy Me
2. Lord I Don't Know My Name
3. The Drunk Suite (Overture)
4. Neon Sigh
5. Waves Wash Over Me
6. (I Love You) to the Moon and Back
7. My Love for You Never Died Away But My Soul Gave Out and Withered
8. Sweet Running Water
9. Touch the Stars
10. Quicksilver Glide Divine
11. The Drunk Suite
12. Phase Me Out (Gently)

Then I just drifted away

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  1. Not heard this in years - thankyou.

  2. I knew of Spacemen 3 but never this group. The last track is pure psychedelic bliss! Thanks for sharing the tunage!