Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Experimental Audio Research - Mesmerised (1994)

Sublime, gently euphoric, textural drone from Peter Kemper (aka Sonic Boom), founding member of the immortal Spacemen 3. Though S3 is one of my all-time faves, I somehow managed to sleep on both this project AND Spectrum (expect a post on them sometime real soon) until just a few weeks ago. The shame!

Track listing:
1. DMT Symphony (Overture to an Inhabited Zone)
2. Mesmerise 4901
3. California Nocturne
4. Guitar Feedback Manipulation

Then I just drifted away

If you're feelin' this, check out:
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Solace (2010)
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  1. Thanks for this. (and be prepared to become obsessed with Spectrum/Sonic Boom!)

  2. looking forward to this. after Spacemen 3 I also never delved into the Sonic Boom stuff and followed the J Spaceman / Spiritualized route instead.

  3. You should try and post his ambient dub album with Kevin Shields, it's called The Köner Experiment.