Friday, September 2, 2016

Steven Halpern - Spectrum Suite (1976)

Soothing, minimal keyboard pieces by new age guru Steven Halpern. Halpern's the kind of guy whose LP sleeves read like a resume, so that you know that he's qualified to make chill-ass new age music. Like, it's not just some schlub off of the street that's plinking around on those keys -- this man's a professional!

Many, many different versions of this album have been released, all with slightly different track listings, so in case you're wondering, this is the 1988 CD version.

Track listing:
1. Keynote C - Red
2. Keynote D - Orange
3. Keynote E - Yellow
4. Keynote F - Green
5. Keynote G - Blue
6. Keynote A - Indigo
7. Keynote B - Violet
8. Leviathan Blue
9. Sakura
10. Rainbows of Life
11. Crystal Cathedral
12. Earthrise - Part 1
13. Earthrise - Part 2
14. Harmonic Convergence


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