Friday, September 2, 2016

Steven Halpern - Spectrum Suite (1976)

Soothing, minimal keyboard pieces by new age guru Steven Halpern. Halpern's the kind of guy whose LP sleeves read like resumes, so that you know that he's qualified to make chill-ass new age music. Like, it's not just some schlub off of the street that's plinking around on those keys -- this man's a professional!

Many, many different versions of this album have been released, all with slightly different track listings, so in case you're wondering, this is the 1988 CD version.

Track listing:
1. Keynote C - Red
2. Keynote D - Orange
3. Keynote E - Yellow
4. Keynote F - Green
5. Keynote G - Blue
6. Keynote A - Indigo
7. Keynote B - Violet
8. Leviathan Blue
9. Sakura
10. Rainbows of Life
11. Crystal Cathedral
12. Earthrise - Part 1
13. Earthrise - Part 2
14. Harmonic Convergence


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