Sunday, September 18, 2016

Inhumane Deathcult - On Behalf of Satan (2009)

Finnish black metal. Just about a 50/50 split between ragers and ritualistic, doom-leaning crushers, all bolstered by full but unadorned production and riffs that make me want to bang my head 'til it detaches from my neck and splatters against the wall. The vocals are about as expressive (but never theatrical) and diverse in approach -- pissed-off growls, hoarse shouts, dramatic cleans, agonized rasps -- as one could possibly hope for in black metal. Members of Lantern.

Track listing:
1. Baphomet Rising
2. When Master Calls
3. Black Flame Shall Prevail
4. Pandemonium Paradise
5. Blasphemy and Hate
6. I Am Thy Grief
7. A Spectre in the Haze
8. Walking Inferno
9. Where Dead Witches Dance

Black spheres calling

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