Thursday, September 1, 2016

Oroku - Living Through the End Time (2006)

Very sad to learn that Oroku's lead vocalist, Jeff, has passed away. Another beautiful, troubled soul whose untimely passing into the great beyond feels all the more heartbreaking for its sad sense of inevitability. I'm not the one to write a worthy eulogy, as we weren't super-tight, but I can say this: he was a funny, kind, much-loved member of my extended band-family, as well as a gifted lyricist and vocalist, and he deserved better.

In Jeff's honor, let's listen to Oroku's only LP, Living Through the End Time. Heavy, sludgy crust with sorrowful undertones highlighted by a full-time cellist -- as you know, cello is the world's saddest-sounding instrument. For the full effect, as you listen, imagine that you're in a sweaty, smelly basement with crusties headbanging all around as you try to squeeze your way to the front, tall can in hand, so that you can actually see the band at the center of it all.

Track listing:
1. Vulture
2. Disgust for Mankind
3. Meaningless
4. Death to the Summer
5. Drow
6. The Falling
7. Spineless
8. Terror
9. The End Is Near
10. Sgt. James Marsh
11. Terror (Demo)
12. Fire
13. Imaginary Friend

Into the light

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  1. Wow thats terrible news. As good as this album is, and its one of my all time favorites, i always wondered how good they could have been if they hadn't broken up. Others have done this style of crust but no one did it quite like oroku. Sad day.

  2. A touching piece that you wrote. Hyperlinked with "into the light", my favorite Siouxsie. Thank you sir!