Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Pitch Shifter - Industrial (1991)

British industrial sludge. The fact that (before turning to techno-infused nu metal poo) Pitch Shifter sounded almost exactly like Streetcleaner-era Godflesh is both the band's greatest weakness and their greatest strength. Sure, PS were derivative as fuck, but Godflesh is the greatest industrial metal band of all time, and who doesn't want more music that sounds like that? (Apparently, this what amounts to a moral quandary for me. This is my life.)

Track listing:
1. Landfill
2. Brutal Cancroid
3. Gravid Rage
4. New Flesh
5. Catharsis
6. Skin Grip
7. Inflammator
8. Eye

You give me a reason, I'll give you spite

You should also hear:
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Wound (1991) + Trial (1993)
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Embedded (1993)


  1. Agreed. More-of-a-good-thing often trumps originality. Many thanks. As I recall their 1992 miniLP Submit wasn't bad either. Don't suppose you have it to hand?

  2. I do, here's a link: http://www34.zippyshare.com/v/MOo0e3OO/file.html

    Their second album, Desensitized, was also good. After that, they fell off HARD.

    1. Hurrah!! Ta.
      I also recall a not-bad Peel session also from the pre-Desensitized era. A rabbit hole beckons methinks...

  3. Infotainment was really good i thought. More helmet than godflesh on that one. Though after that...you are correct, they really started putting out shitty records

    1. Shit, I'm gonna have to revisit that one

  4. This is really good. I thought, "Surely not THAT Shit Pitcher?" I had absolutely no idea they had a past making decent music. It does sound remarkably close to Godflesh, but they could do a lot worse. As they have proved. Thanks, Dear Spirit.

  5. Total Agreement as far as Godflesh goes..but i always loved this debut and the E.P. , thought this was a little harsher then streetcleaner but the first Godflesh was my favorite. Avalanche Master Song...Nuff Said. thanks for this great post.