Friday, September 16, 2016

Daniel Menche - Together We Shall Melt Mountains with Our Blood (2005)

Intense drone from Portland, OR experimental musician Daniel Menche. A single piece of dissonant, rumbling drone whose sonic depth, volume, and intensity slowly ebb and flow over the course of 49-plus minutes.

One track, titled "Together We Shall Melt Mountains with Our Blood"

Wings on fire

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  1. Daniel is truly a gift. Musician, librarian, and owner of the most photogenic Chihuahua on the planet. Here is a video link featuring his work at the Duniway Elementary school in Portland, OR.

    Oh, you must check out his work "Deluge". Epic.

  2. Fantastic, brain-gnawing stuff. The link beneath this post to Constant Shallowness is spot on - anyone who loves that should grab this.

  3. There are two kinds of people in the world - those who will run a mile from this pulling their hair out as they go and those who will lie down with a blissful smile on their face and wallow in it. No prizes for guessing which I am...

  4. Thank you kindly folks. Grab it over here.