Thursday, September 8, 2016

Michael Garrison - Eclipse (1982)

Excellent third LP from outer space-obsessed Oregonian Michael Garrison. Propulsive, synth-based compositions occasionally filled out by ethereal vocals and some surprisingly heavy guitars. 10/10 would listen to on headphones while exploring the outer limits of our universe.

Track listing:
1. Departure
2. Airborn
3. Celestial Nights
4. Visions
5. Take a Chance
6. Animation
7. For You and Me

To the other side of the sky

Also of interest:
Pascal Languirand -
De Harmonia Universalie (1980)
Barry Cleveland -
Mythos (1984)


  1. Hello guys. Fantastic blog, I love the eclecticism of your post, source of great musical discoveries.

    I was wondering : do you accept album submissions from musicians ? If so, where can we submit you our records ?



    1. Sure, I'll check out whatever you have, and if I dig it, I'll happily post it -- just please don't be butthurt if it doesn't show up on here, you know? You could send me a DL link:

  2. I'm not easily butthurted, don't worry about that ! I'll send you a mail soon. Thanks for the reply !

  3. Back to the matter at hand here - I hate to speak ill of the departed, but the cold, hard truth is that Garrison makes Jarre sound like Froese in the composition department. And if I'm being too obtuse, the point there is - not very impressive.

    1. Many of us wish we were such poor composers.

  4. Great stuff. And congratulations for the blog, a treasure of obscure and exciting music.