Tuesday, September 20, 2016

David Van Tieghem - Safety in Numbers (1987)

Synth-y excellence from American composer David Van Tieghem. A deeply layered, lush-yet-mechanical sound composed of drum machines, chiming guitars, and lots and lots of synthesizer/keyboard. Probably sounded hella futuristic when it came out, and still sounds way fucking cool today.

Track listing:
1. Galaxy
2. Thunder Lizard
3. Crystals
4. Night of the Cold Noses
5. Future
6. All Safe
7. Skeleton Key
8. Clear
9. Deep Sky
10. A Wing and a Prayer

They drive by night

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  1. Love this album! Especially "Skeleton Key." I agree, it stands up 30 years later, probably why he got tapped for that FRKWYS series.

  2. Lovely album and devilish synth mastery that takes you to another world.
    I hope you'll talk about the next album from 1989.
    Strange Cargo, I remember a song called Yesterday Islands which was amazing! Keep up the good job