Sunday, October 18, 2015

Heldon - Heldon IV: Agneta Nilsson (1976)

Heldon - Electronic Guerilla (1974)
Richard Pinhas - Rhizosphere (1977)

IMO Heldon's best work. The first three tracks on Heldon IV: Agneta Nilsson would have been part of one of the greatest horror movie soundtracks ever made, had this been a horror movie soundtrack. From the immersive, textural synths of haunting album opener "Perspective I" to the alarm-like "Perspective II" to the arpeggios and dissonant guitars of "Perspective III" -- I can practically see the red-on-black opening credits, knife-wielding madman, gratuitous nudity, fake blood, and poor acting. The final two tracks are a bit less menacing but no less mindblowing, concluding with monumental psych-drone epic, "Perspective IV".

Track listing:
1. Perspective I (Ou Comment Procede le Nihilisme Actif)
2. Perspective II
3. Perspective III (Baader-Meinhof Blues)
4. Bassong
5. Perspective IV

Hello milkyway

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  1. i looove this band..
    Is sooo diverse from all the electronica of the time, expecially the german one....
    but apart from the ones that you upped already, i have only "un reve" and VI...
    Pleeeeaseeeee post the others!!!!!!!