Saturday, October 31, 2015

Oneiroid Psychosis - Garden of Remembrance (1999)

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Welp, as I mentioned last year, listening to Oneiroid Psychosis is a proud Halloween tradition at OPIUM HUM headquarters, and this year is no different. If there's a more Halloween-y song than "October", I have yet to hear it. Please enjoy these spook-tacular songs while running screaming through a graveyard with a deranged madman at your heels.

Track listing:
1. Dark Day
2. October
3. Solace of the Shadows
4. Galatea
5. Wandering of the Womb
6. Tristesse
7. Mircalla
8. Long Lost
9. Iea
10. A Soul Upon All This
11. Carmilla
12. Cloud of Unknowing
13. Nihil Novum Sub Sole

What is it?
What does it say?

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