Friday, October 30, 2015

Fear of God - Within the Veil (1991)

Fear of God played atmospheric, gothic-tinged metal that doesn't sound quite like anything else. The overall feel is cohesive, while the guitars explore groove, thrash, death, and doom leanings -- pretty sure I've never heard pinch harmonic groove riffage accompanied by reverb-y acoustic guitars. And vocalist Dawn Crosby's howling, whispering, moaning performance might be more expected over some crusty Nausea worship, or maybe even some heavier grunge, but it works unexpectedly brilliantly in this dark setting.

Not to be confused with this Fear of God.

Track listing:
1. All That Remains
2. Betrayed
3. Emily
4. Red to Grey
5. Diseased
6. Wasted Time
7. Love's Death
8. White Door
9. Drift

Torture you

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