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Alan Howarth - The Lost Empire OST (1990)

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Alan Howarth served as John Carpenter's right hand man for the soundtracks to all of Carpenter's classic films -- They Live, The Thing, Big Trouble in Little China, etc. -- but didn't make a lot of soundtracks on his own until more recent years. And though The Lost Empire was, by all accounts, a complete POS, Howarth's soundtrack shows that he could definitely hold his own behind a synthesizer, and that he clearly had a large part in the scoring of the aforementioned films.

Nerd note: The movie came out in '83, but the soundtrack wasn't released until 1990, in the form of this release, which bundles it with music from another movie, Retribution.

Track listing:
1. The Lost Empire Main Titles
2. Punks at School
3. White Star
4. Cowboy Fight to Prison
5. Induction Center
6. Flight to Golgatha and Examination
7. Chariots of Night Patrol
8. The Gladiator
9. Seduced by Dinner
10. Arena Battle
11. Chamber of Horrors
12. Sin Do's Domain
13. Retribution Opening
14. The Gallery
15. Doctor Rasta
16. The Apartment
17. Garage
18. Revelation at Cemetery
19. Bus Ride to Minelli's
20. Slaughter House
21. Psychic Encounter
22. Street Rain

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  1. Amazing! been wanting the retribution soundtrack for a while after finding the VHS