Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Oath - Light of the Black Dawn (2013) + Antichrist Reign (2014)

Grimirg - MMXV-I (2015)

Two EPs from this phenomenal, supremely underrated Finnish black metal duo. Oath specialize in foregrounding the sorrowful beauty that's at the heart of black metal, while keeping it 100% evil and steering far clear of conspicuously pretty, "post-" territory. Both EPS are free/name your price via bandcamp, and while you're there, do yourself a favor and pick up their new album, Mustan Liekin Veljeskunta, cause as far as I'm concerned it's a fucking masterpiece.

Track listing:
-Light of the Black Dawn-
1. Oath
2. Light of the Black Dawn
3. Call of the Five-Pointed Star
4. Naar Natten Endelig er Her
-Antichrist Reign-
1. Murder of the Innocent
2. Antichrist Reign

From the ashes of twilight...
... The serpent crawls to paradise

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