Saturday, September 3, 2016

Project Pat - Street God 3: Louis Vuitton Don (2016)

The Khaze - Kamakazie Timez Up (1998)

Project Pat has been on a fucking mixtape tear the past few years, and because Project Pat can do no wrong, they're all fire. Just gonna go with Street God 3 cause it's the newest one. It's free to download on a bunch of sites, but I got mine from, so that's where the link below is gonna take you.

Track listing:
1. DJ Scream Intro
2. Rubberband Check (feat. Rick Ross & Rich the Kid)
3. That's My Dope Naa
4. I Ain't Lying
5. Bust on His Ass
6. Bizness
7. I Got Strong (feat. Young Dolph)
8. It's Over (feat. Big Trill & Coca Vango)
9. Gold Teethes
10. Fuck Niggas Jockin
11. I'm on My Way (feat. Juicy J, Tory Lanez & Kingray)
12. Internet Gangstas
13. Load 'Em Up
14. Bandz Up
15. I'll Never Change
16. Bigga Rankin Speaks
17. Blue Money (feat. Kingray)

Watch 'em drop

1 comment:

  1. Boogelou, whats up man?
    Man yea man, a nigga done messed me off down here dawg
    I got caught for a weak azz pistol charge. Man dese folkz
    Gon try and make a
    Nigga do a whole mutha fuckin calendar
    I need ya to send me sumthin

    I gotcha, what happened?

    Man, I was messin off wit my nigga, man dis shit fucked up!
    I gotta call from my dawg, Gangsta Fred jus da other day
    Met some nigga from da other way, wanna purchase yay
    Said dey wanna get good shit for da low-low
    Fred grew-up wit dis nigga by da bayou
    Could be da po-po, that's the way my mind think
    Thought about the shit for a
    Minute, then I took a drank
    Thinkin of a coma, knowin I ain't gonna fall
    Call up my cousin, Poncho, let em rob, assault
    Den he ball off, wit da goods to a rendez-vous, spot
    Handed Fred back his dope, den we split da loot
    Rudy-Poo's, always gettin, got, sumthin serious
    Infactuated wit da game, very curious
    Dat'll kill da cat, cause da game ain't to be told
    Quit smokin crack, my nigg-a, it's to be sold
    Gettin old, never worries me, I don't give a fuck
    Let dem po's stay on my mind, call dat nigga up

    If you hoes wanna go there
    We can get gangsta

    In da streets, we don't play fair
    We can get gangsta

    We can set dis shit up, for a, secluded area
    Tell em bring himself, and da duffle-bag carrier
    Met him 4am, hit Creek Hill, at a Exxon
    In a hot car, tech-9 and a rouger gun
    Another nigga came, wit da nigga, dey got out of 'Lac
    Fred slammed da door, crossed da trunk, "Where da cheese at?"
    Nigga took a sniff, and he seen dat da shit was straight
    Said dat da loot was in his trunk, now I'm thinkin, "Wait."
    "What's goin on?", partner took da dope off da trunk
    Raisin up my tech, nigga in da trunk, raised da pump
    Bullets popped off, Fred caught one, in da chest
    Lucky for my nigg', he was wearin bullet proof vest
    Shootin tech, but I coulda died, cause it jammed up
    Pump at my dome, dat's when Poncho feet had slammed up
    Shot da .45, blowin both niggas azz off
    Think we got em down, wit da cheese and da sawed-off

    If you hoes wanna go there
    We can get gangsta

    In da streets, we don't play fair
    We can get gangsta

    Two weeks later, still knowin bout da fuckery
    Move dat a nigga pulled, spot a police watchin me
    Watchin me, cause I fit description of a suspect
    Pullin me, over, now he askin where my license at
    "Officer, I done left my wallet at da house, sir."
    Still took me Down-town, cause da police don't care
    Down in lower-level, man a simple situation
    Turned into, a 72-hour investigation
    Ima ex-con, so I don't need a walk through
    To dis jail shit, wonderin, "Who did dey talk to?"
    Could've been my dawg, not my nigg', dat's a hell naw
    Dey done found my tech, but I ain't got shit to tell ya'll
    Feelin kinda sick, cause dey finna send me up da river
    Couldn't be a snitch, cause I can't tell on my nigga
    Tech, didn't match da gun, Woons(police) bout to let me go
    Stuck wit da gun
    Charge, violated my parole

    If you hoes wanna go dere
    We can get gangsta