Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Linval Thompson - Negrea Love Dub (1978)

Tasty, space-brained dub. School started back up this week for your ol' pal DEAR_SPIRIT, but that doesn't mean I can't desperately cling to the last dregs of summer by strapping on a pair of headphones and listening to reggae while my wife snores next to me on the couch.

Track listing:
1. Rock Me in Dub
2. Channel One in Dub
3. Thompson in Dub
4. Negrea African Dub
5. Jah Jah Children Dub
6. Lion Dub
7. Natty Dread Dub
8. Roots Dub
9. Jamaican Colley Dub
10. Africa Love Dub

No way they can stop us

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  1. Yes! Thank you for posting this. I can't get enough of that spacey dub sound!