Monday, September 5, 2016

A Small Good Thing - Cool Cool Water (1996)

Way chilled-out UK downtempo electro. The music of A Small Good Thing is clearly meant to be enjoyed while getting stoned, so don't let 'em down.

Track listing:
1. Redeemer
2. Steigerville - North
3. Steigerville - South
4. Temperance
5. Burned Clean
6. The Art of Deception

A lake of fire

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  1. Great Raymond Carver reference. My memory is a bit fuzzy but I think "A Small Good Thing" is the title for the longer version of the short story. There's a shorter version with a different title.

  2. You have got to try their album "Slim Westerns". Stunning ambient-noir. It reeks of Ry Cooder's work on "Paris Texas". Slim Westerns II ain't so bad either.

    1. Cool, thanks for the recommendation, will do!