Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Mi and L'Au - Mi and L'Au (2005)

Precious, sparse indie folk from a French male-female duo who, as I recall, met in Paris, fell in love, then moved to a cabin in Finland where they recorded this, their first album. Either heartwarming or puke-y, depending on how you feel about that kinda thing. In case you're leaning towards the latter, I'll note that, content-wise, it's not ALL lovey-dovey-smoochy-smoochy -- there's plenty of darkness, anxiety, and existential dread to go around.

Close-miked acoustic guitars and breathy vocals serve as the base, with piano, harp, singing saw, strings, and lots of other stuff for color. Surely it has something to do with that album cover, but this sounds like the perfect soundtrack to holing up in a warm house, away from the ice planet hell that my city has become.

Track listing:
1. They Marry
2. How
3. Philosopher
4. I've Been Watching You
5. Bums
6. Older
7. Merry Go Round
8. Nude
9. A Word in Your Belly
10. Boxer
11. Andy
12. Christmas Soul
13. New Born Child
14. Study

When I feel empty

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  1. that link to the Psychotica video led me to another video on youtube featuring the Impotent Sea Snakes, Pat Briggs, and some crazy lady.
    Crazy stuff.

  2. woooohooo, me too
    LOTS of crazy stuff there.