Sunday, January 29, 2017

Jessica Bailiff - Hour of the Trace (1999)

Hazy, narcotized sounds that are somewhere in the realm of dream pop, shoegaze, and slowcore. Produced by Alan Sparhawk of Low, and featuring the voice and drumming of Mimi Sparhawk (also of Low, duh) on a couple of songs. Jessica Bailiff would have been so 100% up 20-year-old me's alley, it's a real shame I didn't hear her 'til a few months back.

Track listing:
1. Crush
2. Toska
3. After Hours
4. Amnesia
5. Warren
6. How Our Perception of Distance Is Changed with Each Passing Hour
7. Across the Miles

Pull me under so I'll forget
Make me warm so I'll forget

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  1. Ever hear the Clear Horizon album Jessica made with David Pearce from Flying Saucer Attack on Kranky? Came out in early 00s. It's hella good if you like her solo records and Grouper,etc.

  2. Love Jessica, you know she is married to Mat Boduf Songs?
    Also, totally agree with the Clear Horizon album also