Friday, March 2, 2018

Toxic Waste - Belfast (1987)

Irish anarchopunk. Raw and and extremely pissed-off, very much in the tradition of Crass records, Belfast is a post-breakup compilation for which Toxic Waste took to the studio with members of Dirt to re-record some songs, and tacked on previously unreleased tracks to fill it out. I honestly thought that I was done with this kinda stuff, but I guess there's nothing like living in a crumbling failed state to reinvigorate one's interest in hyper-political, system-fucking, punk-upping anti-music.

Note: Hey there Anon! As intent as you are on commenting "LE CRINGE" on this, I'm not going to publish it. Feel free to try again using less obnoxious language.

Track listing:
1. Traditionally Yours
2. Religious Leader
3. As More Die
4. Tug of War
5. Listen Margaret
6. Song for Britain
7. Traditionally Yours
8. Burn Your Flags
9. Dear Little Dinosaur
10. Belfast / Plastic Bullets
11. We Will Be Free

We will see you rot
And we will see you fall

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