Thursday, March 1, 2018

Lost Cherrees - All Part of Growing Up (1984)

Excellent UK anarchopunk. All Part of Growing Up is among the more accessible peace punk records, with a sound that's not all that far removed from X-Ray Spex, or even the Go-Go's. As so many people do, when I first fell for punk in high school, I fell hard, and ended up listened pretty much exclusively to crust and peace punk, so Lost Cherrees' less overtly pissed-off, more melodic approach eventually helped to ease my transition back towards less spiky sounds. "Yet Still Comes the Rain" remains one of my all-time favorite punk songs.

Track listing:
1. Blind or Dead
2. Nervous Breakdown
3. Escalation
4. F-Plan, G-Plan
5. You're You, I'm Me
6. Nothing New
7. Poem
8. Why Does It Have to Be a Dream
9. Young and Free
10. Yet Still Comes the Rain
11. The Wait
12. No Way
13. You Didn't Care
14. But the Rape Goes On
15. Dream of Peace
16. Pleasant Valley Sunday

It's another sacrifice for the human race

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  1. Courtesy of ECM's anarchopunk imprint!

  2. UUUhhhmmmm..
    ECM anarchopunk!!!!
    that's a pretty good idea....

    I'll work on that...

    (not only into black metal)