Monday, March 19, 2018

Antarctica - 81:03 (1999)

US indie rock. 81:03 is their only LP, and it's a glorious, two-disc journey based in dreamy but driving, Cure-like post-punk. There's a sheen of synth throughout that helps them to venture seamlessly from fully danceable territory into stretches of sprawling, shimmering post-rock and ambient trance. There wasn't much of a market for stuff like this in the late 90s, which might help to account for this record's relative obscurity, but someday, the world's gonna catch up with Antarctica, and 81:03 is gonna be talked about like the masterpiece that it is.

Track listing:
  -Disc One-
1. Absence
2. Tower of Silence
3. The Velvet Flood
4. Return to Omma Dawn
5. The Chrome Selected
6. Ultra Nørsk
  -Disc Two-
1. Hallucins
2. Tektur the Water
3. Exisis
4. 7759 60784 1 E
5. Arctikal

Where are we now?

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  1. Their EP is great too. I first discovered this band through the singer's previous band, Christie Front Drive.

  2. Weren't they also either Ova Looven or associated with them? Yes 23:03 was great as is 81:03. Thanks for posting this!

    1. Ova Looven was essentially a continuation of this band. I think that it was a solo project that one of them started after Antarctica broke up.

  3. I'm going to add my voice to the chorus of love for that EP. Every song in there is ace, as are most of the same nags on the double. Sorely underheard band. Hoping more people get this in their lives.

  4. Thank's for this, never heard of them before. Thoroughly enjoying it.

  5. Good shit. Reminds me much of my old band mate

    Swiss shoegaze/dream pop

  6. A defect in my copy of this File 13 classic rendered the second disc entirely blank, so it's been all these years before I got to hear it. Thanky!