Monday, March 12, 2018

Bleeding Black - Personal Hell (2003)

Orenda - Back in the Grave (2006)
Orenda - The Funeral (2007)

Bulgarian black metal. Distorted shrieks over warped guitar playing and chaotic drumming. I want to say it's DSBM, but it's not so much depressing as it is just fucking unhinged.

Track listing:
1. Les Corbeaux
2. Les Voiles Noires
3. Invoking Memories
4. L'Espirit de la Solitude
5. To Eternal Rest
6. Posthume
7. The Oblation
8. Deadly Whisper

Mothers lick the blood-red bodies of their sons

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  1. They let chicks in DBM bands now? Actually I thought this was pretty great. Any chance you'll be posting their first album at some point in the future?

  2. This is wild as hell. Her vocals give things a kind of hardcore/punk feel at times.

  3. wild and excellent. exemplary extended blackened punk, but those vocals take it.