Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Those Who Bring the Torture - Those Who Bring the Torture (2007)

Crushingly heavy, grind-infused Swedeath decimation. Short, precise, riff-packed songs that'll have you slaughtering your neighbors in no time. Pretty much a tour de force of kickass riffs, with some quasi-d-beat parts for good measure.

Track listing:
1. An Affair of Entrails (In a Filthy Liaison with Disgust)
2. Murdered Thrice
3. Filth Bag
4. Drudgery at the Graveyard
5. Chains and Saws and Chainsaws
6. Death Came as a Friend to Them
7. Professionally Curing the Disease
8. Defiling the Carcass
9. Skeletal Cage
10. Prone to Penetrate Pus
11. Distaste for Ordinary Scum
12. Never Too Cold for Carnage
13. Drilled with a Jackhammer
14. Banquet of the Grotesque
15. Shriek (Like the Pig You Are)
16. Sickened Skin Infestation
17. Inducing Abomination - Reciding in Dirt

Under the surface I lay dreaming
In a spew-infested hell

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