Saturday, March 10, 2018

Lungfish - Artificial Horizon (1998)

Lungfish are one of the greatest, most singular bands ever to come out of my hometown of Baltimore, MD. Zen-like post-hardcore guitar mantras, mellowed out and slowed down to a crawl, with a hallucinating, nihilistic oracle for a vocalist. Artificial Horizon served as my introduction to Lungfish, and contains some of their best songs, so I'm sure it'll do the trick for the uninitiated among you.

Track listing:
1. Black Helicopters
2. Oppress Yourself
3. Amnesiac
4. Love Will Ruin Your Mind
5. Ann the Word
6. Slip of Existence
7. Free State
8. Truth Cult
9. Shed the World
10. Pray for the Living
11. Light for All

I walked alone, a public path
And I observed the birds taking a bath
They sung in code, but the message clear
"Don't shun the world. Shed it."

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  1. What a glorious noise they made! A nihilistic oracle indeed. If you get a chance, please have a look at my new blog, There's a tenuous connection to Lungfish: I included one of their tracks in a mix of songs that remind me of The Fall.

  2. Great band.
    Never heard this album, so... Muchas gracias!!!

  3. Fuck yeah. The record before this, Indivisible, is also all-time

  4. Walking songs about talking is key here. This is good tho

  5. Lungfish and The Fall are linked through repetition and visionary, literate singers.