Monday, August 3, 2015

Onirik - Songs for the Apocalipse (2005)

First LP from this solo Portuguese black metal entity. Sickly, warped riffs, varied tempos (mostly slow/midtempo), choked rasps, and a few mournful clean vocals. The moderately blown-out, recorded-in-a-sunken-crypt sound is goddamn perfect.

I'm choosing to read the misspelled album title as an homage to the similarly mispelled Transilvanian Hunger, and not as an indication that a fucking black metal band doesn't know how to spell "apocalypse".

Track listing:
1. Feeding the Empire of Hatred
2. Feasting Upon the Dying Heavens
3. Ridding the Thunders of Vengeance
4. The Shadows Claim for the Earth
5. The Forest
6. Blood
7. I Fell Deep Into a Dream
8. Dreams of War

I watched them perish in pain

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