Monday, August 3, 2015

Onirik - Songs for the Apocalipse (2005)

First LP from this solo Portuguese black metal entity. Sickly, warped riffs, varied tempos (mostly slow/midtempo), choked rasps, and a few mournful clean vocals. The moderately blown-out, recorded-in-a-sunken-crypt sound is goddamn perfect.

I'm choosing to read the misspelled album title as an homage to the similarly mispelled Transilvanian Hunger, and not as an indication that a fucking black metal band doesn't know how to spell "apocalypse".

Track listing:
1. Feeding the Empire of Hatred
2. Feasting Upon the Dying Heavens
3. Ridding the Thunders of Vengeance
4. The Shadows Claim for the Earth
5. The Forest
6. Blood
7. I Fell Deep Into a Dream
8. Dreams of War

I watched them perish in pain

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  1. Hi, thanks for the excellent music you've been posting. Just thought you would like to know that the 'Apocalipse' is not exactly a misspelling. It is in fact the Portuguese word for apocalypse.

    1. Ah, interesting. But why would only one word be in Portuguese, and the rest in English? Still not sold. Thanks for the info tho

    2. actually, Onirik names this release as Songs for the Apocalypse, so I believe it's a misprint on the cover of the limited edition CD