Tuesday, April 3, 2018

Asschapel - Fire and Destruction (2003)

Ripping, crusty death/thrash. I just read that their vocalist, Eric Holcombe, has passed away. I didn't know him personally, but my old band played a few shows with these guys right around when this record came out, and our melodic d-beat always ended up looking kinda weak next to their precise, crushing ragers. It should go without saying that he was way too fucking young. Play this loud for him.

Track listing:
1. Unholy Destruction
2. The Battle-Axe
3. Carcass Bloody Carcass
4. The Final Command
5. Pray for Blood
6. The Blessed and the Wretches
7. Follow the Fist
8. The Sledgehammer Assault
9. Godwhore
10. Approach the Cashet
11. After the Sacrifice
12. Fire and Destruction

Fuck serenity
Fuck everlasting peace
Fuck eternity
Start the fire
Burn the world down
Rip its fucking heart out

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  1. That fucking sucks. I love these guys.

  2. Thank you for exposing me to this band. This rules