Sunday, April 8, 2018

Asenheim - Ahnenpfade (2007)

German lo-fi Pagan black metal. Line-in guitars, close-miked vocals, drum machine, tape warp, and an overall druggy, esoteric feel. I don't think Asenheim is full-on NS, but there is an Absurd cover on here, so take that for what it's worth.

Track listing:
1. Wenn Wir Gen Walhalla Schreiten
2. Song of the Pagan Forest
3. Die Burg
4. Nordwind
5. Leichenzug
6. Mondscheinaugen
7. Rote Ernte
8. Der Walkürenritt
9. Last Journey
10. Hoch Zu den Tannen
11. Der Runenstein
12. Among the Stars
13. Carried by the Valkyrie
14. Wenn die Wölfe Heulen
15. Der Sieg Ist Unser [Absurd cover]

Denial of consciousness

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