Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Drear - Promo 2007 (2008)

Excellent English blackened doom. Dissonant and oppressively layered, with just the right mix of ethereality and crushing heaviness. I've always held this three-song promo in extremely high regard, and have been wanting to post it ever since I started this dumb blog, but all I've ever had was a low-bitrate rip that I got off of Soulseek like 10 years ago. That all changed just now, though, when I discovered that they have a bandcamp where everything is free. And -- who woulda thunk it -- it's even better when it doesn't sound like complete ass! Stoked.

Don't ask me why it's called "Promo 2007" but came out in 2008. Take it up with them.

Track listing:
1. They Try to Emulate the Clouds
2. Dismal Autumn Skies on an Anglian Eve
3. Penmount Crematorium

It brings rust

2008 was a great year for blackened doom:
Abyssmal Sorrow -
Lament (2008)
Dictator -
Dysangelist (2008)


  1. Did you ever check out Great American Desert (who Drear did a split with just a few years earlier)? That was a cool project -- wish he did more with that.

    1. I heard that split, don't really remember what it sounded like, guess I'll give it another spin

  2. thank you Dear Spirit for introducing us to Drear. Delightful!