Tuesday, April 3, 2018

Milk Cult - Burn or Bury (1994)

Experimental psych/noise rock. Horns, various noise sources, and percussion taking center stage, with spastically-shrieked vocals consisting largely of gibberish, which, along with some beefy bass, occasionally drives them into heavy, Zeni Geva-esque territory.

Track listing:
1. Psychoanalytwist
2. The Fuzz Wah Song
3. Bow Kiness Static
4. Blue Godzilla
5. Urine, the Money
6. Big King Frog
7. Son of Obituary
8. Hello Kitty (Meow Mix)
9. Rabbit in the Hole
10. Sabine
11. '63 Mercury Meteor ($500)

Clown party

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  1. Mega thanks for the post. Sort of like the more musically trained little brother of Butthole Surfers who grew up with hip hop. Hep.

  2. worth pointing out, maybe, that this is a steel pole bath tub side project. also, i think i caught your band in SF a few days ago. rohit ? it was good. and i think i used to know the drummer a little bit, like 15 years ago when i lived in pdx.

    1. That's cool, if it was SF then it was one of the three sets they did without me -- vocalist usually doesn't play guitar -- as I had to fly back to PDX to start school :(

  3. Hey, there is an issue with track 5, it stops 1/3 of the way through. Regardless, thank you for all this great music!!!