Saturday, January 7, 2017

pg.99 - Document #5 (2000)

Not that I'm an expert or anything, but I feel like I know enough about screamo to confidently assert that Document #5 is the greatest record that the subgenre ever produced. Gnarly riffs, fucked-up time signatures, raw vocals, art-damaged noise, and little flashes of melody that keep you in touch with how brutal all the other parts are. To top it off, there's an album-ending epic to end all album-ending epics about an alien abduction that, supposedly, the lead vocalist sincerely believed had happened to him.

Track listing:
1. Ruiner of Life
2. Comedy of Christ
3. Skinpack
4. My Application to Heaven
5. Hotel Nevada 1982
6. Humans with Forked Tongues
7. Murder, Conductor
8. (...)
9. Sounds of Gravesiter
10. By the Fireplace in White

I wish you did exist because I'd part your ass like the red fuckin' sea, and fuck you until you bleed

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