Friday, June 9, 2017

Benighted in Sodom - Reverse Baptism (2011)

Woozily beautiful US depressive black metal. Lushly layered clean and distorted guitars and ethereal keyboards that invoke an enveloping, shoegaze-like atmosphere, but with queasy, oft-dissonant riffs and melodies. Given its lack of electro-dance breakdowns and ill-advised 90s alt covers, Reverse Baptism is among Benighted in Sodom's less experimental efforts AND my personal favorite.

Track listing:
1. Sweetness Depraved
2. Chains of Bliss
3. Try to Forget Us
4. Flauros
5. Ocean - Part I
6. Ocean - Part II
7. Reverse Baptism

Behold this mighty chain

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  1. I used to be in a band with Reuben. Such a creative, sweet dude.