Friday, June 2, 2017

Fauna - The Hunt (2007)

Echtra - Burn It All Away (2004)

Easily one of the best records to come out of the Cascadian black metal movement. Yawning chasms of drone, dark psychedelia, and lupine, hypnotic black metal. When I saw them live, they looked like they had been living in a dirt hole in the side of a mountain for a few decades, and ended their set by passing around a huge clay pot full of an earthy, tea-like substance that, sadly, did not make me trip.

Might be worth mentioning that the first version of The Hunt was not broken up into separate tracks, and had a drum machine instead of live drums, but I'm posting the 2009 version because it's pretty much undeniably better.

Track listing:
1. The Door
2. Hunger
3. Setting Out
4. The Scent
5. Nocturne
6. Tracking
7. The Kill... Fulfillment

In the absence of a sun
We spiral ever outward

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  1. Hi again :)

    I have something but in poor quality

    Chema Vilchez - Jazz Duets (With John Stowell) (1997)
    Damian Erskine - So To Speak (2010)
    Damian Erskine - Within Sight (2015)

    Maybe You can find it in no less than 320kb ? :)

    PS.Do You know Nadishana Trio?Also hard to find

  2. hey there, i pretty much agree with all you wrote there, but it seems like you postet the wrong link?

    maybe kind of related: i recently discovered "...fading..." by stellar descent and was blown away.

  3. Wrong link? takes me to a blogger page that it says I cant access.

  4. Might want to check your DL link - goes to

    (Otherwise, thanks for a zillion enjoyments!)

  5. Hey man! The link didn't work.. just got something sayin I don't have access to it or some shit. Bummer cause the original version was pretty cool and I wanted to hear this version :/

  6. Hey, y'all, link is fixed. Never seen that one before, had posted the link but for some reason it was surrounded by some weird HTML that I've never seen. Enjoy

  7. The first version was maybe the 1:03:19 long track called RAIN? It seems to me rather different, as it was completely rerecorded..

    1. Two different albums, for sure. This was first released with a drum machine, then re-recorded

      See the "additional notes" tab

  8. Pretty much everything on Oneiria and Glass Throat is fucking incredible. Have you heard Fearthainne too? Dark, droning, beautiful nature-worshipping folk featuring both guys from Fauna. Incredible stuff all round. Wonderful people too.