Saturday, December 16, 2017

Necros Christos - Necromantic Doom (2002)

Doom-infused, filth-ridden German black/death. Downtuned grossness, disgusted growls, drum machine, and cheap keyboards. Five songs, five creepy interludes. I suppose could have posted one of their proper albums, but this was my introduction to Necros Christos, and it's fucking sick.

Track listing:
1. Crucifixion Whispers (Temple I)
2. Tormented Flesh on the Mount of Crucifixion
3. Prayer on the Mount of Olives (Temple II)
4. Swearing Eternal Alliegance
5. Nailed on Command (Temple III)
6. Last Rite of Christ
7. The Son of Man Goeth into Galilee (Temple IV)
8. Grave Damnation
9. The Burning Chamber of God (Temple V)
10. Triumphant Executions

Hooded priest in black invoked the sacred legions of doom to come
Graves on blasphemous shores opened and heaven wept by goat command

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