Saturday, December 30, 2017

Modern Eon - Fiction Tales (1981)

Topnotch English post-punk. A locked-in, propulsive rhythm section, sparse guitar, haunted vocals, and atmospheric synths.

Track listing:
1. Second Still
2. The Grass Still Grows
3. Playwrite
4. Watching the Dancers
5. Real Hymn
6. Waiting for the Cavalry
7. High Noon
8. Child's Play
9. Choreography
10. Euthenics
11. In a Strange Way
12. Mechanic

A bullet with a name on it

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  1. We certainly did miss you,
    But, what a post to return to the fold with.
    As always, awesome music.
    Bedankt & Tot Straaks.....
    Have a good year.

  2. Hey, DS, Any chance you've got ESG "You're No Good/Moody/UFO" 7"? Thanks for the Guy Called Gerald
    -- it's amazing.