Tuesday, December 19, 2017

I Shalt Become - In the Falling Snow (2008)

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Ghostly, lo-fi, depressive US black metal. A murky, blown-out wall of guitars and droning keyboards, simple, plodding drums, and ghoulish vocals. Belongs in the DSBM hall of fame for sure.

Track listing:
1. Intro
2. Burning
3. In the Falling Snow
4. These Cold Desires
5. All Alone and Dead
6. Dreamscapes
7. Acid Lights
8. The Lost Man
9. Our Children Die
10. Outro


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  1. Legendary. I used to run into S in shows around town around the time I turned 21 (he actually bought me a shot). Sweet guy, but guarded. Very humble -- last time I talked with him about it (admittedly a while ago), he doesn't quite get why people like his music so much or why Wanderings and In The Falling Snow have received such a cult following. I couldn't imagine my taste in black metal WITHOUT I Shalt Become/Birkenau.