Sunday, December 10, 2017

The KVB - Subjection/Subordination (2011)

Pitch-black post-punk/darkwave with the enveloping, reverb-heavy air of shoegaze and an appealingly lo-fi warmth. Keep your ears peeled for a song-length Suicide homage. Here in sunny Portland, OR, we're up to our necks in mediocre throwback darkwave, so if you're burnt out on this stuff, too, just trust me when I tell you: this band's one of the good ones.

Track listing:
1. Closing In
2. Burning World
3. Slow Death
4. Nightmares #2
5. 8 Hours
6. Sleep Walking
7. Who Knows
8. Again and Again

I only see the lights

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  1. Singer sounds like my boy Ollie in APTBS. Digging this.

  2. KVB are great check out their ep!lVtF0bDL!iXvotvjIAKZBbC80epbAwkK9DbJMgIv1QQm2ldsmndk

  3. You should try to post the HTRK/KVB split, it's a good one. Seen the KVB a few times and they have great, sleepy drone-and-beats vibes.

  4. cant even buy the digital. I think Clan Destine Records pulls their digital bandcamp releases after selling out of the physical. But thank you for this opiumhum... great blog btw..